Conserving and Protecting the Soil and Water Resources of Texas

Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts

The Association of

Bob Brockman, TCAWS President, addressed delegates at the annual business meeting.  Both Brockman and Charles Goeke, Vice President, were re-elected.   

SWCD Directors attending the business meeting welcomed members of the Azle ISD FFA Ag Issues Team.  The students narrated their slide show presentation on the importance of facts, pros and cons, of food labeling. 

Youth and teacher education is of great importance to SWCDs across the state, knowing that today's youth will become the leaders of tomorrow.  Through training and education, students learn to be responsible for the preservation and restoration of the environment and our natural resources. 

Learning the impact of agriculture on our economy and culture will help ensure that Texas' agricultural heritage will continue through future generations.  

​TCAWS Board of Directors (left to right):

Austin McCasland, Morton; Charles Goeke, Brenham; Stanley Graham, Eustace; Jerry Henderson, Jacksboro; Bob Brockman, Sonora.  Glen Lyon, Immediate Past President, was unable to attend.

Business  &  Breakout Sessions

Volney Hough was re-elected President of ATSWCD; Rick Schilling was elected Vice President. 

Annual business meetings were held to elect officers, review and vote on resolutions and conduct other business as necessary 

ATSWCD Board of Directors (left to right): 

Ken Batman, Kountze, Area IV; Rickey James, Plainview, Immediate Past President; Bill Gray, Panhandle, Area I; Tamara Daniel, Executive Director; Rick Schilling, Fayetteville, Area III; Volney Hough, Mountain Home, Area II; J.C. Mathiews, Woodson, Area V. 

Breakout sessions included:

Eminent Domain

Battle with Wild Pigs

Weed and Brush Management

Equine and Commercial Transportation

Trends for Climate

TCAWS -- Building Policy Initiatives

USDA-NRCS -- Expanding Conservation             Efforts through Partnerships

USDA-NRCS -- Conservation Achievements