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District Areas



Roy Thompson, State District 1

Bob Steakley, State District 2

Josh Storm, State District 3

Kent Batman, State District 4

John Tate, State District 5

The ATSWCD Board of Directors is comprised of one elected Director from each of the five State District Areas.  A Director serves a two-year term and an Alternate Director is also elected from each Area.  In addition, the immediate past president also serves as a member of the Board.  Officers are elected from among the Directors and may serve up to three one-year terms. 

During the ATSWCD Business Session held in conjunction with the 77th Annual Meeting of SWCD Directors, Volney Hough was re-elected President and David Basinger was re-elected Vice President.  Former State District 3 Director Vicki Riser of George West (pictured below) chose not to seek re-election.  Rick Schilling, Alternate Director from Fayetteville, was elected to succeed her. 

Josh Storm of Dripping Springs was named District 3 Alternate.   Roy Thompson of Littlefield will be the District 1 Alternate Director.   

The ATSWCD Board has named Tamara Daniel as Executive Director of the Association.  President Volney Hough announced her position within the organization, saying, "We are very excited to welcome Tamara as she transitions her role with the Association from consultant to Executive Director.  She brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and ability to our Association with this change and affords a tremendous opportunity for not only the Association board, but also for districts.  She has already been instrumental in developing new programs which will be beneficial to districts and is excited about expanding these opportunities in the future."     

Previous ATSWCD Board members (left to right):  David Basinger, J. C. Mathiews, Volney Hough, Vicki Riser, Rickey James and W. T. (Bill) Gray.  

ATSWCD Board of Directors (left to right):  David Basinger, Deport; Rick Schilling, Fayetteville; J.C. Mathiews, Woodson; Volney Hough, Mountain Home; Executive Director, Tamara Daniel; W. T. (Bill) Gray, Panhandle and immediate Past President, Rickey James, Plainview. 


Volney Hough

State District 2


Vice President

David Basinger

State District 4


W. T. (Bill) Gray

State District 1


Rick Schilling

State District 3


J. C. Mathiews

State District 5


Immediate Past President

Rickey James

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