The ATSWCD Board of Directors is comprised of one elected Director from each of the five State District Areas.  A Director serves a two-year term and an Alternate Director is also elected from each Area.  In addition, the immediate past president also serves as a member of the Board.  Officers are elected from among the Directors and may serve up to three one-year terms.

ATSWCD Board of Directors


Rick Schilling

State District 3

Bob Steakley

State District 2


W. T. (Bill) Gray

State District 1

Vice President

Kent Batman

State District 4

J. C. Mathiews

State District 5

Immediate Past President

Volney Hough

State District 2

Tamara Daniel, Executive Director

The Five ATSWCD District Areas


       Roy Thompson    State District 1

                                    State District 2

       Josh Storm           State District 3

                                    State District 4

       John Tate             State District 5

2018-2019 ATSWCD Board of Directors (left to right):  Kent Batman, District 4; Rickey James, immediate past president; Bill Gray, sec/treasurer, District 1; Tamara Daniel, Executive Director; Rick Schilling, vice president, District 3; Volney Hough, president, District 2 and J.C. Mathiews, District 5.   

October 2018 ATSWCD Annual Business Meeting

The ATSWCD Business Session was held October 30, 2018 with president Volney Hough presiding.  Hough was re-elected for his last eligible term as president.  Rick Schilling was elected vice president.  Bill Thomas conducted the Resolutions review and voting.  Hough and Executive Director Tamara Daniel provided details regarding ATSWCD/USDA-NRCS funding programs available for Districts and for Director travel scholarships.  ATSWCD is also partnering with NRCS and other agencies to hold Soil Health Symposiums across Texas and dates for three 2019 workshops were noted.