75 Years

Menard County SWCD #215
March 15, 1944
Kendall SWCD #216
March 15, 1944
Pedernales SWCD #218
August 8, 1944
Southmost SWCD #319
July 7, 1944
Kerr County SWCD #217
May 8, 1944
Hill Country SWCD #534
June 17, 1944

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Pedernales SWCD Directors, left to right:  Ralph Ebeling, James Odiorne, Amber Fry, Roy Bruemmer and Anne Holt.

Pedernales SWCD #218
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Menard County SWCD Directors and NRCS DC, left to right:  Chris Casaday, NRCS District Conservationist, Gary Treadwell, Benny Fred Kothmann, J. W. Jennings, Billy Kniffen and Jerry Kidd.  

Menard County SWCD #215
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Kendall SWCD Directors, left to right:  Rankin D'Spain, Dusty Bruns, Eddie Seidensticker, Gerald Beckmann and Don Miller. 

Kendall SWCD #216
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